Buena Vista Ranchos Equestrian Rules

Rules of Use, Conduct & Maintenance of Common Equestrian Areas

Please review these rules with your family members and guests to
ensure maximum enjoyment and safety for riders and BVR residents.

We, the equestrians of Buena Vista Ranchos, believe in the following:


We enjoy the equestrian lifestyle and want it to perpetuate in BVR.

BVR is an equestrian community and should be maintained as such.

Enjoyment and lifestyle of horses through keeping, caring and riding is important to BVR, by providing neighborhood social interaction, positive family-oriented activities, a community identity and higher property values.

Horses are best if properly cared for through appropriate feed, exercise, grooming and a clean and safe environment.

The more people learn and know about horses the more likely an equestrian lifestyle is possible.

The safety of both people and horses is important to perpetuate an equestrian lifestyle and BVR.

Maximum enjoyment of the equestrian facilities can only be accomplished by working together, common courtesy and proper maintenance by owners and HOA.


1.         All BVR residents, family members and accompanied guests use all facilities at their own risk.


2.         Only animals owned or leased by BVR residents may be stabled in common area stalls; the animal must be principally used and/or cared for the BVR resident.  Boarding by non-residents is prohibited.  Stabling of stallions or bulls in the common area stalls is prohibited.


3.         The use of arenas, trails, and other equestrian facilities is restricted to BVR residents and accompanied guests.


4.         All stabled animals must be registered with the committee by contacting the committee chairperson.


5.         BVR residents using the common area stalls are responsible for stall cleanliness and for the repair of any damage caused by the animal occupant.  All stalls must be cleaned daily and kept orderly. 


a.     All cleanings must be removed from the common area, and cannot be dumped in the arena, adjacent areas or trails unless specifically and individually authorized.  Dumping in these areas will be charged the cost of cleaning and notification services. 


b.     All stalls, including the farrier’s stall, must be returned to a clean status once vacated. 


c.     The BVR Board of Directors or their designee will notify violators.  If the condition is not corrected within ten days after notification, the animal’s owner will be charged the cost of cleaning and notification services. 


6.         When leaving the arenas, lock the gates to prevent unauthorized use.


7.         Be courteous and exercise good judgment with respect to safety.  No jumping is allowed without a wearing a helmet.  Riders under the age of 18 must wear a helmet while riding.  Riders under 18 must possess the appropriate skill level to ride and manage their horse, or be supervised by a knowledgeable adult.  Riders will be banned from the arena for non-compliance.


8.         Horses will not be allowed to run loose in either arena unless a person responsible for that animal remains in the immediate area. Horses shall not be allowed to run loose in the arena where persons are riding or desire to ride. Any unattended animals are subject to removal.


9.         Horses are not allowed in the park or playground, unless special permission is granted by the board.


10.      Professional instructors/trainers are allowed to give riding lessons only to BVR residents. A non-resident trainer authorized by a BVR resident to work with their horse may do so without  the resident being present; however, a non-resident trainer may not use the arena or common area to train non-BVR horses or non-resident students.


11.      BVR residents who invite guests to use BVR facilities with horses should require that they sign a waiver of liability.


12.      All group lessons will be scheduled and posted on the equestrian board and monitored by the equestrian committee. All of the arena must be watered prior to group lessons or heavy use.


13.      Jumps may be left in the large arena when not in use provided they stay on the far eastern side of the arena only. (Shaded area)


14.      Riders are required to return to the storage area any equipment or jumps removed from the storage area and to return to the eastern side of the arena any jumps moved from there immediately after use.


15.      Riders are responsible to keep the arena equipment in safe and neat condition.  Riders are liable for damage they cause to any person or equipment.


16.      The arena watering times are established by the equestrian committee. Any changes to the timer settings are to be communicated to the Board Member in charge of the equestrian facilities.


17.      No motor driven vehicles of any kind may use the equestrian areas except for the limited and necessary use of horse trailers, feed and supply delivery, animal care, and arena and trail maintenance. 


18.      No unleashed dogs are allowed in the equestrian areas at any time.