4-H Parent/Family Volunteer Opportunities


Below are description of volunteer opportunities for parents and family members to become involved. We will be discussing them more fully at the meeting, where you will have the opportunity to sign up for at least one (or more) roles.  All parents will be ask to volunteer at shows and events.

4-H Certified Leader

Parents can become certified leaders by attending the certification class.  These leader provide expertise and assume a higher level of responsibility.  We currently have four active leaders, and one parent leader.

Recreation Assistance

Assist 4-H members in the planning of parties, games and special events.  4-H members are responsible for purchasing supplies and organizing events.

Communication Assistance

Assists 4-H members in writing articles, taking pictures of club events and delivering them to website editor, community newspapers, school or 4-H publications.  One parent assists with scheduling ?Let Talk Speeches.? 

Community Service Assistance

Assists 4-H members with organizing Community Service Projects, such as fruit picking, BBQ volunteer, equipment painting, clean-ups, can food drive, food booth, horse show organization.

Dust Buster/ Equipment Mover

Sprays arena with hoses and sprinklers to reduce dust before or during riding events.  Helps move and set up equipment, i.e. barrels, poles, barrels, trail equipment for meeting or riding events/shows.

Recordbook Assistance

Host meetings to teach members record book keeping, scrapbooking.  Must become familiar with the recordbook forms.

Meeting Host

Willing to provide home or office space to accommodate a non-riding meeting or activity.

Trailering Parent

Willing to trailer other members' horses to shows/gymkhanas.  Parent has the option to refuse trailering to unfit/unsafe horses.  Members are responsible for readying their horses and tack prior to show/event.

Maverick Mentor Organizer 

Works with the leaders to pair up willing mentors with younger members.  Oversees and assists mentors with questions and advice. 

EIEE (Excellence in Equine Education) Assistance 

Helps organize EIEE  meetings, provides transportation to events, if needed, helps compile questions and information for meetings. 

Website Editor/Assistant

Helps with information and content for the Mavericks' website

Horse Show "Chair"

Helps with organizing awards and paperwork for our 4-H Horse Show.  Communicates with leaders on assigning members not competing to specific responsibilities. 

WHAT DO YOU LOVE TO DO?  Let us know, we can probably fit you in!